2015 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Spectrum Healthcare Resources was a proud sponsor of 63 employees at the 2015 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Washington D.C.

Lila Gotham, Executive Assistant for the Dumfries Health Center, was selected as a flag bearer at the opening ceremonies of the event as well. Lila was nominated for this honor by the Komen staff member who came to the Fort Belvoir Health Centers to register Spectrum staff for the event, who found Lila’s story inspiring.

The nine flag bearers are chosen from a group of survivors. The carriers are introduced on stage during the opening ceremonies.

Lila’s Story

“In May 2015 Erin Smith, Field Marketing Coordinator from Susan G. Komen came to the Dumfries Clinic to register Spectrum Healthcare Resources employees for the 2015 Race for the Cure in Washington DC. I invited her to my office while waiting for the conference room to become available and I shared my story about facing cancer – from the initial perception of coming to grips with “it’s a death sentence”, the roller coaster of emotions that goes along with it, the ups and downs of treatment, the unknowns of waiting for the next tests and the struggle of getting myself out of bed and facing another day. For me the 3-week interval between treatments allowed me just three days of feeling better before the next treatment.  Erin was an incredible listener and caring voice.  I was really surprised when I got an email from Lauren Pike, Local Operations Manager from Komen letting me know that I was nominated as one of the nine flag bearers for the race, it touched my heart; later I found out that it was Erin that nominated me.

I was worried at first that I would not even be able to do the race, having just completed a year’s worth of chemo treatment, but during the race I was energized as I was surrounded by my “Team of Angels” and my strength to complete the race came directly from their encouragement, their determination to be there with me and their confidence that I could do it – and I did it! I was able to complete the three-plus mile walk. I am forever grateful to my Angels Team for having incredible support for me.

With my family and friends and my co-workers at Dumfries Health Center behind me I’ve faced this life challenge and now call myself a survivor. This team of caring individuals made my journey easier. I had a miracle team of angels supporting me and I really do call them my Angels Team.  The positive thoughts, prayers, encouragement, love and support is really what keeps me going.”