Spectrum Healthcare Resources FEMA Support

On August 25, 2017, in preparation of Hurricane Harvey, our Federal Occupational Health (FOH) contract contacted Spectrum Healthcare Resources for nursing support to staff FEMA’s National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) in the Washington DC area.  The NRCC is FEMA’s 24/7 operations center responsible for monitoring potential or developing incidents, and to support the efforts of regional and field components.  Spectrum was able to provide 24/7 nurse staff support through October 2nd.

In addition, Spectrum provided nursing staff to set up the first onsite FEMA clinic in Denton, TX, which will serves as a mobilization site to deliver aid and response staff into the area.  We deployed an FOH nurse onsite to FEMA clinic in Austin, TX, and Houston, TX. FOH estimates that over the coming several weeks the number of FEMA clinics may grow to 10 or more sites in various locations.

Our FOH staff are excited and ready to serve in support of the Hurricane Harvey Response effort.