Visit from General Martin

The Spectrum Healthcare Resources (SHR) Corporate office had the proud honor of hosting General Michael Martin in St. Louis on Tuesday, May 22. General Martin is the Director of Air Force Resilience under the Deputy of Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services. He spoke to our staff about the importance of the work we are doing with Task Force True North, an initiative that strives to maximize Airmen resiliency and normalize help-seeking behavior through a more proactive approach by providing professional mental health services within their specialized units. During his visit, General Martin shared the effectiveness of a similar program he was a part of while serving in the Air Force Special Operations Command.

Pictured here from left to right are: General Martin; Patti Franczak, SHR VP Human Resources & Recruitment; Dee Sage, SHR VP Operations Finance; Sheila Bodenschatz, SHR VP National Markets; Gene Carlson, Federal Staffing Resources VP; Sarah Bowe, SHR Director of Human Resources & Operations; George Tracy SHR President; Bill Childress, SHR Director of Client Relations.

With the backing of General Martin, Spectrum is working to ensure that our active duty military members are the healthiest and most efficient members that they can be. We are incredibly grateful to him for taking the time to speak with us.