Athletic Trainers to Assist Marine Corps in New Initiative

Spectrum Federal Solutions, a joint venture between Spectrum Healthcare Resources and Federal Staffing Resources is proud to be a part of a NEW expanded initiative, working alongside the Marine Corps to bring Certified Athletic Trainers to units across the force. These individuals provide professional services in human performance, including integrated performance based strength and conditioning programs, and rehabilitative and pre-habilitative programs to accelerate the return to duty of those who have endured performance related injuries. Listen to a few of our Athletic Trainers speak about their experience with this initiative in Okinawa, Japan in the video below:

Athletic trainers were previously working with Marines at boot camps and other entry-level schools, but will now be implemented into operating forces to teach injury prevention and work with Marines on light duty. Because Physical Training (PT) is a hefty component of how the Marine Corps readies personnel for missions, utilization of these evidence based training methods, as well as best practice injury recovery techniques enables the Marine Corp to establish effective PT regimes, mitigate performance based injuries, and better assess/treat injuries when they do occur.

Last year, six commands were assigned two athletic trainers each. Trainers are currently at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point in North Carolina, Camp Pendleton and Twentynine Palms in California, and in Hawaii and Japan. In the next 11 months, 18 certified trainers will be a part of the 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th Marine regiments. Thirty-six more will join logistics units and aviation groups.

Learn more about this initiative, here.

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We are currently hiring more Athletic Trainers to support this effort. Apply here today!