Services We Provide

As a long-term stakeholder in the Military Health System, Spectrum offers a diverse array of service lines all focused on one central aim: delivering the highest quality patient services measured through outcomes that meet our client’s expectations.

SPECTRUM® Healthcare Resources

  • Program Management Services – Spectrum’s experience with the management and delivery of services across multiple facilities is unparalleled among our competitors. Spectrum’s experienced project management leadership can develop, manage and staff a program tailored to a specific operational aim.


  •  Individual Staffing Services – Spectrum’s network of recruiting professionals can help optimize staffing at your facility with professionals in a variety of practice areas and specialties. Whether your requirement is for a single employee or for multiple employees at multiple facilities, Spectrum’s recruiting team understands the marketplace dynamic for these positions at a local, regional and national level ensuring the efficient and timely delivery of staff for your needs.


  • Turn-Key Solutions – Spectrum excels at developing turn-key solutions to provide our clients with a low risk/high return opportunity to retain control over enrollee care, reduce care expenditures outside of the facility and reduce costs associated with care delivery. These combine a fixed rate for patient care and operation with our client’s ability to leverage their buying power for high-dollar medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. Depending on space availability, these turn-key clinics/departments could be operated in unused space at the client’s facility or nearby commercial space.


  • Healthcare Solutions for Military Readiness Initiatives – For over three decades, Spectrum has been able to deliver quality medical and program management services to Military Treatment Facilities nationwide. By establishing valuable medical standards and recruitment strategies, we have been able to provide Military Force Readiness solutions that mitigate risks and enhance health outcomes for the active duty patient populations we serve.