Strengths And Flexibility

In today’s economy, a company must be flexible in order to overcome any obstacles or challenges. Spectrum understands that our customers’ needs are constantly evolving and we will assist them with any changes along the way.

Customer Focus

Spectrum is strategically located for optimal responsiveness to our customers. Our corporate office in Missouri is complimented by regional offices in Colorado, Texas and Virginia. These locations increase Spectrum’s ability to provide customer-focused care.

Dedicated Team

Spectrum provides our clients with a dedicated team, that includes a Vice President, Client Relations Manager, Chief Medical Officer, Recruiter, Employment Specialist and Credential Coordinator. Consistent communication with the same group of individuals provides Spectrum with the ability to exceed our customer’s expectations and successfully meet all of their contract needs. In an effort to further increase communication, our Client Relation Managers and Vice Presidents make regular visits to facilities.


Aggressive Recruitment

With 30 years experience of recruiting healthcare professionals nationwide, Spectrum has successful staffed more than 26,000 individuals in multiple professions and specialties. Beyond standard recruitment strategies executed by our in-house recruitment team, Spectrum invests in internal contact database management technology supplemented with commercial databases to expand our recruiting network nationwide. Our skilled recruitment staff uses our extensive array of recruiting tools to efficiently identify candidates that best satisfy the customers’ needs.

Precise Credentialing

Spectrum’s pre-screening/pre-credentialing process quickly identifies a candidate’s ability to meet contract requirements and occurs concurrently with our recruitment process. Our Credentialing Department is tasked with assisting candidates through the process; ensuring complete packets are submitted in a timely fashion. We are continually validated by the Joint Commission, earning the Gold Seal of Approval.


Current Trends

Spectrum is constantly researching marketplace trends to ensure our pay rates, benefit changes and recruitment strategies stay current.