Dr. Halbeisen – Team Physician for U.S. Water Polo Team

In addition to delivering excellent care to the Veterans at the VA Medical Center in Long Beach, CA, Anna Halbeisen, DO is currently the Team Physician for the US Water Polo team. In the summer of 2015, she was approached by a colleague about this role for the Women’s Cadet Team. Being a sports medicine fellowship trained physician, providing care to these players is a very rewarding role for Dr. Halbeisen.

“I love working with these athletes” Halbeisen said. “They are motivated to be well and get back into the water to compete.”

In late August 2015, Dr. Halbeisen traveled with the team to the Pan Am games in Kingston, Jamaica where the team beat Canada, winning the gold medal. It was an amazing experience for her and the team.

Dr. Halbeisen had to face some unique challenges during this visit. “We had to deal with heat and dehydration,” she said. “It took some outside of the box thinking to keep the team hydrated.” Another challenge was coordinating care with medical professionals from other countries. This made for an uncontrolled environment in her goal of keeping the team as healthy as possible.

For any aspiring Water Polo players, Dr. Halbeisen says to protect your head. “Water Polo is a brutal sport. It is high impact and can be aggressive.” She plans on continuing this role. “Working with the team makes me a better doctor.”

Dr. Halbeisen completed an Emergency Medicine Residency program through St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo, OH and a Sports Medicine Fellowship program through Michigan State University.