Spectrum Healthcare Resources (SHR) Registered Nurse Saves Life Using AED

On May 8, 2018, an employee came to the  Occupational Health Clinic in distress. While  SHR Nurse Coordinator, Jennifer Spadano, was performing her assessment, the employee became unresponsive.  Spadano responded instinctively, 911 was called, security was alerted, and Spadano initiated CPR.  AED use was indicated and when paramedics arrived both breathing and pulse had been restored.  The employee was transported to the hospital and after treatment, is now recovering.  It was a Happy Mother’s Day for both the employee and Spadano who is not only a role model for other nurses, but for her own children: her son, who is a nursing student at Rutgers University in Camden, and her daughter, who has been accepted to the same program in the Fall.

Spadano has been a nurse at this facility for 18 years, serving a population of 4,100 employees with compassion and a dash of humor. We thank her for her caring professionalism and dedication to her patients!